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Posted by Chris on November 12th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

I haven’t read this other places, maybe I’m missing it. I’ve read about how the iPhone SDK is delayed. How RSJ didn’t want to release it but was forced, etc. But just maybe I’m the only one thinking this:

What if Apple didn’t have a SDK for public consumption at all, and Steve Jobs realized just how much people wanted to develop real, non-handicapped applications for it, and *then* they decided to create and release one?

It’s entirely possible and even reasonable to think that they didn’t have one for public use at all. After all, they said many times that there would be plenty of applications using safari. They said there wouldn’t be an SDK. Repeatedly we heard that it was for security and that it was too hard to secure a phone.

It’s also possible that he eventually came around and recognized that A- web apps kinda suck, and B- people were creating really good things that people wanted. Maybe he finally ventured outside his WIFI enabled world and tried to use EDGE and felt the same pain the rest of the world has to live with on a daily basis. It’s also possible he figured out that until the SDK came along, people would be breaking his beautiful machine and opening it to even more security risk.

That’s why I think he eventually came around, announced the SDK, and around that time they started work on it. The iPhone release notwithstanding, it’s unusual for Apple (lately) to pre-announce something – that is, announce when it’s not available immediately. Especially the way it was announced. So either it was in the wings all along and they wanted to nip the development in the bud, or they recognized and responded to customer demands.

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