Why I’m disabling javascript by default

Posted by Chris on April 8th, 2010 filed in Uncategorized

Opera is my friend.  Preferences, Advanced, Content.  Disable javascript.  Suddenly the web is fast again.  I’m on a DS3, the internet should be super fast.  But sites have so much junk on them now that has to load before the content that it takes multiple seconds for things to come up when it should be near instant.  Articles on slate.com now load in less than a second rather than 7-10 seconds.  The consumerist loads in 1-2 rather than between 10 seconds and never.  GPF can’t break free of it’s frame anymore.  They all now load quickly, and all the content is exactly the same.  I don’t have a problem with sites running things! Be clever.  If I need to I can re-enable it very easily (unlike other browsers….).

I read all my news through RSS.  I don’t like how google’s feed reader works, it just doesn’t think the same way I do.  So I have my own.  And some sites don’t show the full content, so I pop the page itself inside an iframe in my reader.  Some (GPF, for example) want to break out for some reason.  I’m seeing all the ads on your page, seeing it in the same dimensions you want me to see it in, what more do you want?  You can have my attention, but only to the extent that my attention doesn’t stray from my reader mindset.

I’ve re-enabled it only for internal websites and Gmail so far and had no problems.  No more of those irritating balloons if you accidentally mouse anywhere within the article.  No netflix popunders (I thought we killed those) if I click anywhere on a page.  I’s wonderful.

The internet is a faster, less distracting place again.  Maybe they’ll give me reasons to enable it again, but I’m doubting it.

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