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Background: Moving downstairs. Same building, same layout, same service, just downstairs. Comcast won’t actually touch my equipment because it’s a TiVO – for the cablecard install we actually had to take it and insert it because he wouldn’t touch it. Previous tenants had service – it should just work, right?

Log of chat with only address, last name, and phone numbers changed.

Problem: Move service
Chris > My Issue: Move service
Dominic > Hello Chris, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Dominic. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Dominic > My pleasure to have you on this chat! Remaining committed and focused on my goal which is to provide quality customer service on my fullest effort will always be my top priority. Before anything else, I want to extend apologies for any trouble, inconvenience and frustration the issue has brought along your way. I still honestly hope you’re fine.
Dominic > Hi, Chris. How may i help you today?
Chris > I’d like to move my service
Dominic > I understand that you are requesting to move your service, is that correct?
Chris > yes
Dominic > I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.
Dominic > Let me help you with your account.
Dominic > Before we proceed, May I ask if we can verify the account first for security purposes.
Dominic > Thank you for providing your account information. Would you please verify the information I received is correct?
Dominic > Account Number blahaccountnumber
Dominic > First name Chris Last name Lastname
Dominic > Street Address1 Main Street unit #102
Chris > exactly right
Dominic > May i ask for the service address where you want to move the account, please.
Chris > 1 Main Street unit #101
Chris > same building, different unit number
Dominic > Thank you for the information.
Dominic > Since this would be a transfer of your service, let me transfer you to a colleague of mine who can better assist you.
Dominic > Kindly dont close the chat window.
Chris > ok
Dominic > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Marry Ann > Welcome to Comcast! My name is Marry. I see you are moving; that can be a very exciting and busy time. Please give me just a couple of minutes to review the information you have submitted.
Chris > My Issue: Move service
Marry Ann > I understand that you would like to transfer your services to (new address) on ***. Is this correct?
Marry Ann > Sorry for the typo. Please disregard that last message.
Marry Ann > I understand that you would like to transfer your Digital TV and High Speed Internet services to 1 Main Street unit #101. Is this correct?
Chris > yes
Chris > digital tv is supplied by the building
Marry Ann > Wonderful! You have reached the right department and I am more than willing to assist you with your transfer request today.
Marry Ann > Just to set expectations, this chat is the preliminary step of your transfer request. I will be checking the status of your account and the serviceability of your new address. After this, I will be giving you the steps to complete the order.
Chris > okay
Marry Ann > We will now proceed in checking the status of your current account.To assure protection of your account information may I have the: 1. Account holder’s full name 2. Phone number 3. Any of the following: a. FULL account number b. Last four digits of the SSN (if account number is not handy)
Chris > Chris, 111-111-1111, blahaccountnumber
Marry Ann > Excellent! Thank you for providing these information. I know these are confidential information and I truly value the trust that you have given.
Marry Ann > Please give me 2 minutes to pull up your account.
Marry Ann > Thank you for waiting, Chris.
Marry Ann > I have pulled up your account and I can see here that your account is in good standing. Thank you for being one of our good customers.
Marry Ann > Let me go ahead and check on the status of your address.
Marry Ann > Please give me 2 – 3 minutes to check on your account and the serviceability of your new address.
Marry Ann > Thank you for waiting, Chris.
Marry Ann > Great news! Your new address is Comcast serviceable and is good to go. I have confirmed that your address is serviceable. Let’s get started on setting up your service.
Marry Ann > We will now proceed with the transfer of your services.
Chris > ok
Marry Ann > May I ask your preferred disconnection and installation date please.
Chris > July 29
Marry Ann > Thank you for the information, Chris.
Marry Ann > I will be completing your order now. I will go over your order and make sure they will be provisioned the way you want your services will be setup. After which, I will be providing you with your order confirmation number. Please bear with me while I complete everything for you.
Chris > ok
Marry Ann > While I process your order, please provide the following information: 1) Nearest cross street or street perpendicular to your new home and 2) Two telephone numbers for our technician to call on the date of installation.
Chris > it is literally the same address just a different unit number
Chris > Main Street
Chris > 111-111-1111,222-222-2222
Marry Ann > Thank you for the information, Chris.
Marry Ann > Chris, I have arranged the remote deactivation of your services on July 29. You do not need to be around during the physical disconnection of the services, our technician will only be disconnecting from the pole.
Chris > the building has free service to all tenants, I don’t think he’ll be disconnecting anythign physically
Marry Ann > Okay, Chris.
Marry Ann > Since you are moving within the same market, you can take your equipment to your new address. The technician will take care of the rest of the equipments and/or materials during installation.
Chris > um there’s no need for installation. everything is literally exactly the same, except 9 floors down
Marry Ann > Chris it is the COMCAST procedure to let our Technician visit the new address to check the house for any possible problems with wirings to ensure that you will not compromise the value of your services. No need to worry though, I will check what I can do to help you with the setup costs.
Chris > It’s a time issue. If the previous tenants had cable and internet and have been moved out for less than a week, it will work.
Marry Ann > I do apologize that the new address that you are moving to is not illegible for self installation, Chris.
Marry Ann > There will be a one time installation charges for your installation of services which normally costs $99, but instead you will be receiving our discounted installation fee/s of $34.99 as a Movers premium, and this will be for our technician’s professional service fee. This charge will be added to your new bill at your new address and is not collectable during date of installation.
Chris > how about just changing the billing address and not moving service?
Marry Ann > Let me check that for you, Chris.
Marry Ann > Thank you for waiting, Chris.
Marry Ann > Chris let me verify, you will be transferring to this new address 1 Main Street unit #101, right?
Chris > yes
Marry Ann > Thank you.
Marry Ann > Chris, it is not possible to change the billing address since you are moving to a different apartment number, we need to have a technician to hook up everything for you to make sure that you can enjoy your internet service to the new address without any problem.
Chris > considering that last time the technician wouldn’t actually touch anything because we have a tivo (customer equipment), that’s amusing
Marry Ann > Shall we proceed with the transfer now?
Marry Ann > I understand Chris, no worries though, I can give you discount for the installation fee, normally it is for $99 but I can give you a discounted price of $34.99.
Chris > I understand that, think I’ll call support. Thanks for your time
Marry Ann > You are most welcome.
Marry Ann > You can call 1-800-934-6489
Chris > thank you for that, have a good day
Marry Ann > Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Chris > nope, thanks
Marry Ann > I will do the initial transfer by notating into your account your preferred disconnection and installation date, Chris.
Chris > thanks, that will speed things up
Marry Ann > Good luck with your move! Thank you for your time and patience. if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to chat with us again. We’ll be happy to serve you. Have a good one!
Marry Ann > Bye.
Marry Ann > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

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