Imagined things

Posted by Chris on October 10th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

When I was younger, and working the counter, there was a customer I’d hang out with.  We’d chit chat while waiting for something, he’d talk, and I’d talk.  I’d throw crazy ideas at him.  Being a teenager, I wanted to customize my car – so I would think of all kinds of crazy things to think of to add to it.  Take away from it.  Change.  Whatever.  I think I told him a crazy idea, he told me I was crazy and it would never work, and we’d both laugh.  We did this at least once a week for two or three years.  I think the car would have cost a million dollars or so by the end and weighed about 5,000 pounds.  It was a blast.

I still come up with crazy/stupid things like that and would like to tell him sometime.  Here’s to you, the Archbishop’s father-in-law.

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