Crazy magnet ideas

Posted by Chris on October 15th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

Good magazine had a feature going about design. It sort of culminated in an image which, when clicked on, shows an overlay of design considerations. One of them was a waitress carrying salt and pepper containers. I couldn’t read because for some reason opera wouldn’t zoom in on it but it said something about if they stuck together, would it make things easier?

Duh, magnets. Just have – on top for one and + on top for the other so they snap together in the middle (not flipping over if you get it wrong, etc). Well then that takes you to wonder more.

Where could you take magnets in restaurants to ease design? If you’re a fru-fru place, you could do the tables, plates, and silverware so that everything goes where it should be according to your “vision”. Too far? How about the edge of the plate, and ferrous silverware? If you knock it off the edge of the table it’ll stick. People will re-use a fork that has touched a table surface, but never one that has been on the floor. Why not the glasses themselves? If it sticks to the table it’ll still be easy to pick up but ever so slightly less likely to spill when bumped. Ever been to hooters and had the pile of menus? How about a nice neat vertical row of them? Ok, maybe that’s too far.

Fun to imagine though…

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