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Stupid perl tricks (that would be better in something else)

Posted by Chris on August 20th, 2009 filed in sysadmin

Hey, when you are really comfortable with a hammer, why not use it to open that beer too?

I have a giant (and I mean giant) dataset that I have to load and do some things with the data, then put it somewhere else.  Once I managed to corrupt almost every single table.  So, have to repair them all.

perl  -e 'foreach $a qw{things whosit mrmr}{$cmd=qq{echo "repair table $a" | mysql -uroot mydb};print "$cmd\n";`$cmd`;}'

Silly use for the perls, but – it really works!

4 Responses to “Stupid perl tricks (that would be better in something else)”

  1. Chas. Owens Says:

    I can’t help but golf this:

    perl -le ‘for(@ARGV){print$c=”echo repair table $_ | mysql -uroot mydb”;`$c`}’ things whosit mrmr

  2. Chas. Owens Says:

    Shaved another two characters off:

    perl -le ‘map{print$c=”echo repair table $_ | mysql -uroot mydb”;`$c`}@ARGV’ things whosit mrmr

  3. Matt S Trout Says:


    perl -e ‘print q{echo “}.join(“\n”,map “repair table $_;” @ARGV).q{“| mysql -uroot mydvb};’ things whosit mrmr

    is longer, but prints prettier shell commands.

    When generating code, always try and make the generated code pretty, even at the cost of a little more ugliness in the generator – you’ll thank yourself when you have to debug the output.

    (and yes, I know everybody else was just playing, but this still strikes me as a more elegant solution 🙂

  4. admin Says:

    I think that is prettier. When you’re dealing with a bunch of python guys, that’s suprisingly important. Thanks all!

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