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Posted by Chris on December 30th, 2009 filed in Uncategorized

I’ve been listening to the “Monocle Weekly” podcast for most of a year now.  From there, I started buying the print edition – when I could find it.  They’re a very new-media company combining all forms of media while doing old-school reporting at the same time.  In-depth interviews with people from around the world on topics they’re experts in, or good at, or have been studying.

For Christmas, I got a six-month subscription.  Why six months?  Because we put a limit on our gift exchange prices and Monocle isn’t cheap.  It shipped from Sweden and apparently took three weeks to get there.  We were in communication with the Monocle people and they got back to us pretty quickly.

That’s not the point of this though.  Today, the package arrived.  It had a big, bubble-wrapped envelope to protect the rest.  Inside the bubble wrap?  A patterned envelope with their logo and a gold sticker with the logo on it also.  Inside *that*?  The magazine itself – on thick, beautiful, glossy paper with an actual, physical rubber band holding a guide inside, plus a thank you note and a catalog.

I’m comparing this with the only two other timely delivered items I’ve received.  A Maxim sent to someone else – it’s so disposable and interchangable noone cares who gets it, and the people it’s sent to don’t care either.  The Sun-Times glues the delivery label to the edge so I actually have to tear the edge of the paper to open the front half.  At least it’s news, and portable.  No-one would buy one if it weren’t for public transportation, I think.

I’m excited to read my new issue.

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