Lazy automatic ssh + key distribution

Posted by Chris on January 26th, 2010 filed in sysadmin

I want to ssh to hosts, sometimes as a user, sometimes as root.  I also want to distribute my public ssh key so I don’t have to login anymore.  I want to do it without stacking tons of my keys onto the ends of files, and I want to be lazy about it.  This is the script I use, I put it somewhere in my path as “go” with chmod +x so it’s executable.  I can then use it like “go hostname” or “go [email protected]”.

#!/usr/bin/env  bash
#this will copy our public key to a remote host and ssh to it.


#if no username is passed (like [email protected]), use root by default
if [[ ! "$userhost" =~ '@' ]]
    [email protected]

#if no ssh public key exists, create one in the default spot
if [ ! -e $keyfile ]
    echo "Creating SSH key in $keyfile"
    ssh-keygen -t rsa  -f $keyfile -q -N ''
#now get the key itself into a variable
mypubkey=`cat $keyfile`

#this keeps it to one time needed to enter the password,
#it'll create the .ssh directory with right perms, touch the key file,
#create a backup without our key (no dupes),
#and copy it back
ssh $userhost "mkdir -p .ssh;
  chmod 700 .ssh;
  touch $authkeyfile;
  cp $authkeyfile ${authkeyfile}.bak;
  grep -v '$mypubkey' ${authkeyfile}.bak > $authkeyfile;
  echo '$mypubkey' >> $authkeyfile"

#and finally, ssh to the host.
ssh $userhost

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